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LAN network monitoring software

Monitoring a network is a very important part of every Official Server not only office, School, Cybercafe, College etc. With this system, we can control all over the server (LAN) and done any kind of job from the main server like “Network Login”, “Online Backup”, “Network Performance Monitoring”, “ Managing Network Policy” etc. But overall a common thing is we very much need any guard to keep monitoring on the whole network as to how it’s work. So at this point, we need a system or any software we help us to monitor on the whole server. Here you get some Lan Network Monitoring Software details.

Today I will be going to write about How many Software is available in the market for Monitoring a Network. Actually, there is much software available… but I say my favorite only Five of them.

Here’s a list of four of the best programs for Monitoring your LAN and Local Network Traffic inside of your Perimeter. We’ve really focused on software packages that have management and monitoring capabilities dedicated to a LAN.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Lan Network Monitoring Software Solarwinds

The Network Performance Monitor by SolarWinds is an excellent overall tool for keeping a close eye on the health of your network. It boasts a strong variety of monitoring tools and a very robust alert system – which means you have to spend less time actively watching your network and can depend on the software to clue you in when something is amiss! The software even lets you customize your own alerts so that you can tailor your awareness to the specific needs of your network’s use.

“SolarWinds one of the big hitters in the LAN technology market at the moment. The company produces a range of products for network administrators that can be bought individually, or assembled together to form a complete network management system.”

It is compatible with -Windows environments, most any from XP and up

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Paessler PRTG

Lan Network Monitoring Software -PRTG

The Paessler PRTG system covers server monitoring as well as LAN and WAN supervision. The underlying technology that drives this monitoring utility is the NetFlow system. This is able to track packet transfer rates around your network. It’s also a high prioritize Lan Network Monitoring Software in no doubt.

PRTG tries to be much more preventative than palliative. Alerts and monitoring attempt to predict and prevent the occurrence of problems by using metrics and history to find trends and alert you before it reaches a catastrophic point. Coupled with PRTG’s ability to examine bandwidth on a smaller scale gives you an overall balanced tool for network monitoring on a large scale.


It is compatible with – Primarily windows, the site recommends Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2


Nagios Core and Nagios XI

Lan Network Monitoring Software -Nagios

Nagios manages an open-source Lan network monitoring software or system, which is completely free to use. The interface for this free system, which is called the Nagios core, is not very comprehensive. You get a basic web interface with the main download, and then you can search through the Nagios core community pages to look for plugins and skins that other users have developed for themselves and are willing to share. There is a free version of Nagios XI that is free with limitations — you can only use it to monitor seven nodes. However, this offer, together with two grades of paid usage, means that NagiosXI is suitable for all sizes of a network.

The Nagios XI system is easy to set up because the software includes auto-discovery, so it maps the network by itself. This feature is very useful when you add equipment to the network. A Configuration Wizard helps you to get the interface operating to your tastes. You can create user groups and individual accounts to delegate partial access to data among team members.

Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 :

Lan Network Monitoring Software - Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4


The Microsoft Network Monitor is an old favorite of many techs. Microsoft has released many tools over the years that are stellar, but eventually quits development on them, and this is one. It’s a lot less robust than some of the other options here and has relatively little to offer in the realm of monitoring networking devices and up-time Where it really stands out, though, is in its ability to pick apart the traffic on a system with incredible depth with regards to protocol messaging.

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Lan Netywork Monitoring Software - Zenoss

Zenoss Core is an open source network monitoring system that you can download and install for free. But There are two paid versions of this network monitoring and analyzing software. You can get an onsite version, which is called Zenoss Service Dynamics, or you can have a managed cloud-based service, called Zenoss-as-a-service.

This network monitoring system is based on SNMP. This is great because it means that you get automatic compatibility with all new equipment currently manufactured with network connectors. SNMP alerts provide device failure notification that feeds directly into the dashboard. Traffic flows around the network are monitored by NetFlow.



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