Capsule360: Versatile Motion Control Box with 3-Axis Motion

MIOPS – Capsule360

MIOPS have currently introduced their ultra-modern assignment Capsule360, a versatile movement manage box able to performing sliding, panning and tilting moves even as taking pictures image or video. MIOPS engineers had been able to use their huge knowledge from their previous successful product launches, consisting of the MIOPS clever camera trigger and bring collectively a single, “do-it-all” product capable of the whole thing from time-lapses and 360° photography to panoramas, megastar tracking for astrophotography and clever item tracking for motion video.


Capsule360 overview

360° Product Photography:

Capsule360 Product Photography

Just tell Capsule360 what number of images you need to take. Capsule360 will rotate the turntable consequently and it’ll also trigger the camera to seize smooth and brief 360° images. Obviously, you can additionally mount your digicam right on the unit that allows you to do any sort of panning movement, together with while capturing panoramas. The same setup may be used to do astrophotography – the MIOPS Capsule will routinely music stars. Whilst it isn’t an equatorial mount and you’ll want to do polar alignment yourself, it looks like MIOPS engineers are already looking into ways to automate the manner. If they come up with a running answer, it can doubtlessly function an extraordinary and inexpensive celebrity tracker for photographing space objects.


[ Create your movement and time-lapse setup without difficulty and quick! Capsule360 can research movement paths with your manual motion, just display them, and that they may be repeated as usually as preferred. You can configure this movement and all its settings from the cell application thru Bluetooth…… by photographylife  ]

Different specifications and features of the Capsule360 consist of an integrated rechargeable battery (8 hours of continuous use or 1 week of
time-lapses), external USB electricity supply aid, a weight of just 250g (~8.8oz), and a period of just 105mm (~four.1in) at its longest dimension.

Capsule360 as a star tracker

The power of the Capsule360, however, comes in its modularity – upload one greater Capsule360 and an L-bracket, and now you could do both tiltings and planning to seize extra complex multi-row panoramas, or to a song a topic at the same time as recording films:


In case you shoot creative videos and you need so that you can carry out panning and tilting whilst sliding your digicam, you could add an elective slider and now you’ve got a versatile slider with subject tracking capabilities. Simply you could control up to a few Capsule360 gadgets with the telephone app. To make things less complicated, we’ve delivered the
auto-mode detection characteristic. In case you are the use of a Capsule360 for the PAN mode, the app will locate this automatically and it’ll show the PAN settings on your use.



Capsule360: Versatile Motion Control Box with 3-Axis Motion

With this setup, you have got admission to all varieties of skills that the MIOPS Capsule360 offers. You may even shoot motion time lapse if you opt to pass that path as an alternative. The Capsule360 has managed the usage of a Smartphone app (each ios and Android platforms are supported), which mechanically detects the variety of related capsules and configures it, so you can carry out exceptional functions. The connection is installed wirelessly thru Bluetooth so that you don’t ought to mess with
so many cables. With the app, one could create custom movement paths, so that after you circulate the Smartphone round, the Capsule360 will repeat that motion.


Capsule360: Versatile Motion Control Box with 3-Axis Motion

Obviously, if you want to do all this, each Capsule360 module will want to have a built-in battery. The provided battery is able to jog for at the least eight hours of non-stop use in maximum modes, and up to 1 week if you are capturing time-lapse. And if that’s now not enough, one may even hook up an outside USB strength supply for non-stop use. 

Highly, MIOPS engineers have been capable of acquiring this in a totally small and lightweight package deal. The Capsule360 measures simply 105mm at its longest facet and weigh a total of 250 grams. This means that you can percent some capsules in your camera bag without demanding about space and weight issues.

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MotorizesSlider :


Capsule360 Motorized Slider

Capsule360 also can be used as a motorized slider together with the capsule Slider. You may use the pill slider as a guide slider as properly. It’s going to flip it into a motorized slider with a Capsule360 unit. It will slide automatically with a brilliant precision in step with your settings. You may fully control it over the cellphone.

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