Google Drive – Cloud Storage & File Backup for Photos, Docs & More, Free Storage for all

Setup Guide of Google Drive

Now Google gives us unlimited free space for all, where we can store unlimited Data as we want.
In past, there was a big worried about data storage and we have a limitation in some G.B s to store our data. But now that problem is gone. Google makes a free cloud storage for all Google users. You just need a Google account to access it.
Just follow step by step and feel relief from the tension of storage limitati on.
Step 1: Go to
Then Sign It
Google Drive


Click on “MY DRIVE”

Google Drive
Select the file that you want to upload
Click on “UPLOAD”
Google Drive
Google Drive
After that, you will serve all over the page and explore new things that you want. There are many features to do work that I Promised.

Follow the same process o your Android and Mac also

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