Setup Multiple Computer in one Single CPU

Multiple Computers in One Single CPU

Running 1 PC for multiple users ( or, Setup Multiple Computer in one Single CPU )  is the right way to go to start benefit from a higher level of productivity and great cost savings? In fact, a multi-user PC solution makes it possible for businesses to cut down their investments in computing equipment considerably.

Ideal for use in classrooms, office environments, or high-density cubicle locations, the VirtuaCore system uses a virtual machine-style technology. It segments a dual-core processor into two separate, independent drives controlled by two individual keyboards, mice, and monitors. The quad-core version provisions a single machine into four individual drives providing full functionality for four users sharing the same CPU tower, each with a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

There are many hardware gadgets and Software available in the market through which we can do it easily.

One of them is ASTER multi-monitor :

As ASTER multi-user PC solution has the ability to expand 1 standard PC system into several additional workplaces without buying expensive computer hardware, it is considered to be a rather beneficial option for office computerization and cyber cafe. While the price of our multi monitor software is low compared to the cost of a computer system unit, it allows to use 1 PC for multiple users with one set of software tools and save on maintenance dramatically.

Multiple Computer in one Single CPU - Aster

Actually, ASTER double-terminal system is capable to split your home PC into two enabling you to use two monitors with a single computer box and support several users at the same time. Be assured, by sharing one computer for two users, you save money on purchasing of additional computer hardware as well as your apartments space.


2nd is Black Box/ VirtuaCore :

Black Box VirtuaCore can dramatically expand access to CPU resources for multiple users without the cost of investing in separate machines for each individual. It saves space and hardware costs and lowers energy consumption by about 70 percent, which is important for companies and organizations that want to reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, VirtuaCoresignificantly lowers the ongoing cost of replacing PCs, as the number that will need to be replaced is reduced by three quarters (VC004A) or one half (VC002A).

Multiple Computer in one Single CPU - Black Box

Unlike other CPU-sharing solutions, the Black Box VirtuaCoreensures the legality of all licensed software in use to eliminate the risk of severe legal action and/or financial penalties as a result of unauthorized software sharing. Separate software license keys are required for each instance of the licensed product in use on the shared machine, just as if it were two or four separate computers. Meanwhile, attached peripherals are accessible by each user on the shared CPU.

So, now we start to do this, just keep your eyes below…..

1st of all we need some compulsory things –  

·        1 CPU

·        Multiple Monitor (as much you required)

·        Multiple Keyboard and Mouse ( as countable as per Monitor)

·        U.S.B Hub

·        U.S.B Graphics adapter

Multiple Monitor in single Computer

The Benefits of Multiple Computer in one Single CPU

·        Work from Any Machine, Potentially Anywhere

walking away from the computer you’re using and picking up where you left off on any other machine. If your primary computer is busy with a task, this is a huge benefit. If your primary computer dies and you don’t want to miss a beat, this is a huge benefit. If you simply are sick of staring at your laptop and want to sit at a desk (or vice versa), this is a huge benefit. The point is, there are many instances in which a second machine is really convenient. Getting this running smoothly takes a little work, but it is absolutely worthwhile.

·        Offloading Tasks to a Secondary Machine

busy-edit - Multiple Computer Setup in Single Computer

Multi-core processing is a good thing because it increases your computer’s multitasking abilities. The same goes for having another machine. If you are running a task on your primary machine, you can offload another processor-intensive task to another and you no longer have to stop and wait for anything to finish.


The main thing of this settings, It’s a very cost-effective idea especially for School, College, office and any other workplace.

As soon as possible I will relies on the process of “ Setup Multiple Computer in one Single CPU” step by step, so keep your eyes on our website.

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